VocalEyes were winners of the Social Impact category of the iSustain Awards 2015. VocalEyes.jpg

VocalEyes Digital Democracy provide an advanced digital decision making and participatory crowd-sourcing web-based platform that systematically shares innovative, entrepreneurial projects across all similar stakeholder communities to positively tackle our climate, fiscal and democratic challenges.


As a result, we empower future generations to become active citizens; tapping into the wisdom and agreement of the ‘crowd’ to take forward tangible, positive outcomes and inform decision-making.


VocalEyes is unique in that it:


  1. Provides a clear process of turning good ideas into action, starting with collective decision making to govern priorities through to crowdsourcing projects creating new community owned enterprises
  2. Integrates into local traditional forms of media and enlivens local publications making them interactive
  3. Automatically places people into their geo-political communities as they engage through their own communities of interest
  4. Aims to integrate a “Liquid Democracy” process empowering ordinary people to gain reputation and following for their specific expertise and share their wisdom with relevant communities

Enables the sharing of topics & ideas across different groups to create scalable projects.