IMG_6755 - Small.jpgNJORK is a luxury rainwear brand that fuses Norwegian know-how with British fashion.  Inspired by an upbringing in Northern Norway braving extreme weather conditions, and a lack of practical yet fashionable outerwear, NJORK pushes the boundaries of what practicality, waterproofing and warmth stand for. Fusing high fashion with the most advanced technology, NJORK has set out to revolutionise the notion of what a waterproof all weather jacket is and looks like.


Using recycled materials wherever possible, and producing in the UK and Europe, NJORK wishes to lower the carbon footprint and produce trendy “green” clothing. Working closely with leading companies in the sports and technology sector, NJORK has all the facets of a high performance, extreme weather brand with a fashionable and quirky Scandinavian twist.


“Pronounced with a silent J, NJORK is English ‘Geordie’ slang for someone from Norway.  Not in any way offensive, more a term of endearment.” NJORK (Urban Dictionary Definition)


Njork were nominated for the Environmental Improvement category in the iSustain Awards.