Maxstim Ltd

Maxstim Ltd offers a range of plant biostimulants for sport surfaces, agriculture and horticulture to customers all over the world. The products are manufactured in the UK and the R&D team includes academic and professional scientists and agronomists with worldwide renown. Our work has led to several significant discoveries that can help transform the health of turf, crops and other plants.


What are Biostimulants?

Maxstim products are not fertilisers or feeds. They are biostimulants.


Biostimulants are a specific blend of organic material that maximise a plant’s ability to survive and thrive. Aiding in plant growth and development, biostimulants have been shown to positively influence several fundamental processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis and ion uptake.


Maxstim biostimulants can be extremely potent, with just a small concentration applied to the leaves or soil having a dramatic effect on plant growth and health. Our R&D ensures each component contained in our formulations is there to make a positive contribution to the plant physiology and biochemistry.


Our products have been designed to increase nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, antioxidants, metabolism and the production of chlorophyll. They are able to do this through a unique blend of micro-organisms, trace elements, enzymes, plant hormones, seaweed extracts, and amino acids. Providing a plant with some of these ingredients also means that it does not have to make them and can instead devote energy to growing and defending itself from biotic attack and abiotic stress.