EEE Safe

EEE Safe were winners of the Environmental Improvement categories of the iSustain Awards 2015. EEESafe.jpg

LocalitEEE is a Cloudbased Sustainable Living Community Resource Hub. As a Social Network it operates National or Multiple sites model, to raise funds for hub operators and reports on Waste Prevention and Social Outcomes.


It’s unique in that it embeds a Digital Social Currency called EEECoins, which are earned through volunteering or can be purchased for Cash.  The online Shop offers a fixed price or shared revenue auctions, allowing purchase of goods, prevented food waste and services using the currency or cash. LocalitEEE adds Coins to the bank automatically from Online Sales.


The shop is underpinned by EEESafe’s Appliance Safety Register and helps prevent the transfer of Product Recalls and Fire Risks on Electrical Reused Products.  These can be intercepted when uploading an Electrical Appliance for sale, or in its Classified Ads.


The Platform promotes Business Engagement with Communities through its Sustainable Business Directory, which is uniquely linked to a forthcoming APP.  Through the Directory, Businesses can offer local deals in exchange for EEECoins.  This not only promotes local regeneration for businesses, but encourages more Volunteering to strengthen local communities and engage them in environmental and local social development.


Amongst other features are Bartering, Resource Sharing, Community Library and Skills Development to help create more local jobs.